Build a Membership Site

Build a Membership Site


Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner because we assume nothing in advance. Through these effective and engaging training modules our professional membership website teacher will propel you from being an absolute beginner to becoming an a proficient website builder in no time

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Right Now, People Just Like You Are Making Thousands Of Pounds Each And Every Month From Their Own Membership Sites…

Find Out How To Grow Residual Income With This

Step-By-Step ‘Build a Membership Site’ Course

WITHOUT Writing A Single Word, WITHOUT Any Knowledge Of Web Design, And WITHOUT Any Experience Whatsoever!

Would you like to make a RESIDUAL and completely passive income, where money flows into your bank account every single month?

Have you ever wanted to build a membership site of your own, but been unsure about how to get started, or what market to get into?

Are you currently looking to add a membership section to your existing website?

Do you have an idea for a fantastic membership site right now, and just need a little expert help in getting it off the ground?

How to Build a Top-Quality, In-Demand, and Hugely Profitable Membership Site in Less Than 2 Hours!

Course Description

Simon Coulson & Claire Perry Louise run this course on Membership Sites, it has been designed from a beginners perspective to provide a step by step guide from ground up to going live with your Membership site.

It covers not only the conceptual framework of a Membership Site but also covers the practical aspects of building a modern website or a blog.

Common Membership Site Myths Exposed

Now, before I reveal exactly what it is that I’ve got for you today, I’d just like to dispel a few common myths about membership sites:

  • YOU DON’T NEED to be a website designer in order to create a great-looking, hugely profitable membership site
  • YOU DON’T NEED much money at all in order to get started (all you need is a domain name, hosting account and your membership software)
  • YOU DON’T NEED any special technical skills whatsoever
  • YOU DON’T NEED to create a huge amount of content in order to set up a membership site (you only actually need to create the first months content in order to get started. You can then add the rest as you go along!)
  • YOU DON’T NEED a massive amount of subscribers in order to make a massive amount of money (just 100 will give you a great monthly income)
  • YOU DON’T NEED an existing website (although if you have one already, that’s great!)

Build a Membership Site

Would you like to see inside a closed-door workshop and learn how to make money from membership sites? Simon Coulson teamed up with Claire Perry, a continuity expert and author of the book “How to Make Money from Membership Sites”, and together they have shared their experience with a few lucky attendees and share the EXACT step-by-step blueprint for creating high quality and hugely profitable membership sites!


How to choose and tap into the most profitable topics and niches which support charging and easily attract members who are READY AND WILLING to pay you at least £67 per month per member which means with just 100 members you can easily earn £6,700 per month not just once but EVERY MONTH!

Insider techniques on how to price your product to make the maximum income possible. Learn HOW you can charge a whopping £300 a month and easily deliver a great service without a lot of work – a COOL £30,000 PER MONTH RESIDUAL INCOME with only 100 members!

Let them teach you the EASIEST and QUICKEST methods to generate high quality content for your site but they will also teach you how to Outsource” 100% of the content creation for peanuts, so that you can run a profitable membership site, WITHOUT doing any of the actual work!

How to keep and retain your members to keep them paying each and every month and keep that residual income flowing!

Discover how you can automate the payments from your subscribers so you are paid on time each and every month without lifting a finger.

Learn the latest methods on how to recruit and retain your subscriber base and drive an endless supply of TARGETED TRAFFIC towards your site, so that you are always attracting new sign-ups and boosting your monthly income…

Establish the best ways to monetise your site and establish lucrative pricing models and subscription levels

UNCOVER the best membership platforms available and how you can easily transform an existing website into a fully functioning membership site and start raking in the money!

Plus much more …

What are the requirements?

  • Access to Internet
  • Pen & Paper

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 5 hours of content!
  • Understand the Conceptual Framework of Creating Membership Sites
  • Learn the Building Blocks
  • Create a Blog or a Small Business Membership site using WordPress
  • Launch your own Professional site
  • Create a recurring income
  • Keep Your Members Coming Back Month After Month
  • Manage Your Site Users

What is the target audience?

  • People with existing websites
  • Anyone who wants to create residual income

What’s Inside the ‘Build a Membership Site’ Course?


The ‘Build a Membership Site’ online course offers you Membership Site training of extraordinary value and expertise from two huge UK Marketers. By taking this course we guarantee that you will have a Membership website completed and LIVE in no time.

Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner because we assume nothing in advance. Through 6 effective and engaging training modules our EXPERTS will propel you from being an absolute beginner to becoming a SUPER STAR Membership Site builder. We’ll teach you everything you need to know including how to avoid the mistakes that most people made and so much more.


This training is taught by Claire Perry Louise and Simon Coulson and contains 6 Lessons, each of which is designed to (yep… you guessed it) build your membership site…


  1. What are Membership Sites?

    What are Membership Sites?, Recurring Income, Why Does Membership Rock?, How Much Can You Bring in Each Month?, Implementation, What Topic Should I Choose?, Questions To Ask, Personal Experience & Be Unique, Consumable Membership Site, Time Saving Membership Site, B2B Membership Site, Fanatics Membership Site, Niche It Down!, Example Sites, Difference Between B2C & B2B, Content Based Subscription, Physical Monthly Newsletter, Cd/DVD Month, Consumables/Physical Products, Business to Business, High End Coaching, Done For You Service, Finding The Right Business Model
  2. Marketing Your Membership Site

    Market Research, Keyword Research, Is It A Growing Market?, Market Research Tools, The Best Keywords Are..., What Are People Talking About?, Fit Language To Your Target Market, Marketing Tactics, SEO, Pay Per Click - Google, Pay Per Click - Facebook, Media Advertising, Free Content, Upsell, JV Partners, Email Marketing, Auto Responders, Events, Social Media
  3. Creating Content

    Creating Content, Quality, Content Characteristics, Written Content, Newsletter, Audio, Visual, Screencapture, Other Ideas, Case Study - Content Type, Conversion Tactics, Strategies, Opt In Box, Limited Access, Top Rated Conversion Tactics, Testing testing testing, Gift Subscriptions, Webinars, Free Trials, Free Gifts, Direct Mail, Little Used Technique, Direct Sales Calls/Application Form, Other Tips
  4. Getting Members To Stay

    Retention, The Importance of Retention, The First 72 Hours Is Critical, Retention Tactics, Onboarding, Member Engagement, Member Engagement Example, Customer Satisfaction, Success, Emails Highlighting New Content, Email Recruiting Non Members, Don't Give Up Hope, Amazon = Innovation, Innovation Vital, Platforms, Cloud Options, E-commerce Membership Sites, Ask Yourself, Payment Frequency, Membership Levels, Tips When Offering a Choice of Levels, How Much to Charge, Lifestyle Model, Income Model, Teaching Model, Tips When Pricing
  5. Payment Processing with Simon Coulson

    Payment Processing with Simon Coulson, Online Payments, How To Accept Payments, Payment Options, Paypal, Merchant Accounts, Stripe, Launch, Monetisation-Membership Revenue, Affiliate Promotions, Advertising Revenue, Online Store, Upsells, Outsource, Why Should You Outsource, Top Outsourcing Websites, Success
  6. Setting up Your Membership Site

    Claire Perry Louise & Julia Hayon take the last lesson, Setting up Your Membership Site, Adding Membership Levels, Manage Levels, Customise Welcome Messages, Profile Settings, System Pages, Live Page Creation, Content Protection, Headers and Footers, Success, What is your WHY?, Enviroment, Goals and Focus


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