How To Shoot A Video Testimonial

How To Shoot A Video Testimonial

Hey guys it’s Robert Murray here and welcome to video and in this video in this video I want to talk about “how to shoot a video testimonial” so stay tuned.

Ok so let's talk about how to shoot a video testimonial for your business, we are only going to be talking about methods in this video that we have used personally within CRS Academy, I don’t want to talk about fluff or theory that doesn’t make sense.

Here are the ways that we personally have shot our video testimonials that you could use as well, OK

So number 1 would be Nice background this is a real key to the start of your testimonial and always shoot off centre, there's nothing worse than having the camera directly down someone's eyeballs it doesn’t look right. Feed them the questions you want taking them, the viewer on a journey - Beginning, Journey, Result and obviously edit out your questions, so if you're asking a specific question, when you come into the editing phase all you want is that client repeating the question back to you and then giving their answer. Also add some emotional music in the background this will add to the emotive feeling that the testimonial is giving to your potential client who is watching it.

So some Example Questions,

Number 1. Before you got started with inside track tell us what your life was like? (so these are some of the ones we would use)

Number 2. What were your struggles & hurdles as a business that you had before joining inside track?

Number 3. What was the reason you got started with us?

Number 4. Was it easy when you 1st got into inside track?

Number 5. After you did this, what is your life like now?

So I hope this has helped you in any way and if you want to learn more about CRS and how we can personally help you build your business or give you training on how to do so, then visit and that will take you to our website where you can learn more about us and download some free training on business, making money online and sales.

So if you want to learn that kind of subject, learn how we build our own businesses and make money online go ahead and visit and I hope you find that training helpful.

Bye for now...


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